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Eziama Motherless Babies Home

We have established Motherless Babies Home to care for babies whose mothers have died during childbirth, and for abandoned babies from all parts of the Federation of Nigeria. This department of our ministry has over the years rescued and nursed more than 200 babies. These children have now grown into responsible adults, and many have gone on to pursue post secondary education in various institutions of higher learning.

The effort to rescue motherless babies began with rescuing babies whose mothers had died during childbirth. Local superstition blamed the child for the mother's death and families would let the child die. Ambrose and Linda began rescuing and raising these children. They cared for the babies until they were 18 months old and then made them available for adoption or returned them to the birth family. Through the work of the Eziama Motherless Babies Home, they have broken the superstition that these babies will be a curse on anyone who helped them.

Vision - To provide adequate living conditions for the orphan children in Eziama and surrounding communities by providing them with an orphanage suitable to their needs. Demonstrating the unconditional love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

The home cares for motherless newborns and then places children with their extended families. The State Government takes care of fostering and adoption procedures for the abandoned children.

The home is currently providing for 12 orphans and is regularing forced to turn away children due to the lack of space. From the last 7 children that were turned away - all of them have sinced died.

It has become a model home and earned great respect from the Nigerian government and other charitable agencies.We want to provide maintenance to the current builiding and then adding onto the home providing an opportunity to care for more children.

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